Monday, November 29, 2010

Meet the birds. Local SF shopping in December

Attention all Bay Area DODOcase friends!

In order to make it easier to grab a DODOcase as a gift for yourself or a friend, we are going to participate in a few pop-up stores this December.

On December 4th from 9 am to 4 pm, we'll be setting up shop at the annual 3rd Street Sale.   Every year our building brings together all the great artisans that called the American Industrial Center home creating a block party of locally produced goods.   DODO will be out in force with iPad and Kindle cases ready to go.  (2575 Third Street, San Francisco).

Next up, on December 11 and 12, we'll be representing at The Commons for Showmanship, a Holiday Market.   See the flyer below.  This one is going to be fun. (1077 Mission Street, San Francisco).

For both events we'll have some fun tricks up our sleeve so make sure to come out and say hello!




Thursday, November 18, 2010

A new DODO takes flight!

Your days of taunting your Kindle-toting friends with your slick DODOcase officially come to an end today.  We’ve heeded the pleas of Kindle users and rolled out a DODOcase for the Kindle 3 today!  It’s available for purchase immediately for $49.95 with a red lining or $54.95 for all other color linings.   
At DODOcase we’re focused on preserving the art of traditional bookbinding and bringing the feel of a book back to e-readers.  Even though we heart our iPads, the new DODOcase for Kindle was a natural move -- it’s synonymous with books and backed by countless bookworms.  The Kindle version has the same great styling as our first product -- handmade by local artisans in San Francisco, each with it’s own unique character -- just in a smaller package.

Want to win one of these new birds?  Tell us what your favorite book is and why on Facebook here by Nov. 29th.  The comment with the most “likes” wins. The comment with the most “likes” wins.  Hint:  Share out our status update with a personalized note to drive votes.

You can also purchase one here.  If you have any press-related questions please drop a line to abby at dodocase dot com.  With the new DODOcase for Kindle we’re hoping to do our little part to help all of us Kindle and iPad users get along just a little better!

Download now or watch on posterous
Kindle_announce_lg.m4v (76858 KB)


Thursday, November 4, 2010

We don't sell books, we smell books

Over at ars technica, Nate Anderson just posted a great peice on e-readers and the cultural shift from ink and paper to pixels.    This is something we think about a lot at DODOcase.   Consuming books, magazines, etc via a hunk of aluminum or plastic is a far cry from what we all grew up on.   Clearly, we are big fans of the iPad (and Kindle) here at DODOcase, but I'm honestly we are not fans of holding aluminum or plastic when trying to read.  

Time and time again our customers report back to us that they love not only the look of the DODOcase, but the FEEL of the DODOcase.   Using traditional book binding techniques and traditional materials insures that while your eyes may be looking at the latest and greatest technology, your hands are touching materials book binders have been using for generations. 

I was personally struck by the paragraph below.   Nice work, Nate!

"But with books, one handles the artifact constantly during the reading experience. Losing the feel of that wonderful paper in the old Oxford blue-backed hardcovers means losing a part of the reading experience. My booksmeller would be (and, somewhere in California, probably is) aghast at the sterilized world of the e-books, every word stripped of its tangible context."  -- Nate Anderson