Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bing Bam Boom...DODOcase saves another iPad falling off a car.

Dear Dodocase,

I want to give a testimony about your product. I am an avid bicycle rider in the Washington DC area. One recent Saturday morning I was out for a ride. I came to an intersection where a car was observed traveling at the posted speed of 50 mph. Just as he passed the intersection, I saw something that looked like a datebook or notebook go sailing into the air from the top of the car. It went up in the air, landed hard and then tumbled to a stop. I was going to ride off but thought better of it and went to collect the item with the intention of returning it to its owner.

To my surprise, the item was an ipad protected by the Dodocase. I decided to continue with my ride carrying the ipad and case.

I arrived home two hours later, opened the case and inspected the ipad for damage. There was no apparent damage so I booted it up. I was in disbelief as I saw it open up and since the owner had no security measures employed, I was able to get to his email and identify a way to contact him.

We made contact and I was able to return his ipad to him. When I told him how I had come across it, he also was amazed. I have told many friends and family about the event. Many will be purchasing one of your cases.

I don’t own an ipad but if I ever do I will be sure to protect it with one of your cases.

I just had to share this with you. It is so good to see a product that works.


Potomac , MD


PS - If the owner if this case is reading...shoot us an email as we do have a crash replacement program if you case was damaged.

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