Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Does the iPad kill the Kindle? Not for me.

A while back I was asked by a friend about my Kindle. I think it is a great device. I enjoy reading books on it, surprising enjoy the New York Times and Wall Street Journal on it, and found Amazon did a great job with the bookstore. I bought it because I simply wasn't reading enough books. I found myself always distracted by the endless supply of content available online. I was reading, but something is always missing if you don't pick up a good book now and then. The almost singular focus of the Kindle as a device is exactly what the doctor order for me. I read more books in 2009, then 2008 only because of the Kindle (nice work Amazon).

So when I get an iPad (notice I did say when), will I retire the Kindle?

I don't think so. I think as a book reading device, for me, the iPad may have offer too many distractions. With the Kindle in my hands, I'll stay focused on the task at hand. That said, I do hope Amazon will make a iPad specific Kindle app as I'd love the opportunity to stay sync'd if the iPad happens to be with me when the Kindle is at home.

Time will tell, but I suspect for some a dedicated ebook reader makes sense. The iPad is going to be too much for some people.

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Brian Prows said...

Interesting comment, Craig. I also bought a Kindle II for the same reason. Reading newspapers and online galore, but book reading had somehow dropped to the bottom of my list.

Your comments about how your use of the Kindle after you get your iPad is also interesting. It reinforces my belief that a variety of mobile and portable devices will serve different needs, even in the e-reader class.

Educational textbook publishers' mouths are drooling over the potential of the iPad for electronic distribution of their publications.

Digital distribution of content is ongoing, but printed books, mags and other "old" media will be around for a while, just like records or CD's. They're billions of them on the planet and will remain so.

Brian Prows